Archive | augusti, 2014

Water from Hell???

Water from up and down all day and the temperature changed totally! We are moving along the road to Norway and are still in very good mood. Explorer Club pilgrims rocks!

Something happend…

An Explorer Club Flag Expedition represents courage, accomplishment, fidelity and a true teamspirit! My twisted ankle became a fracture and infection, so I cant walk without sticks. Exploration is also about finding new solutions when somethings doesn’t follow the plans. So Brandon is on the trail in the forest and I’m on the road beside […]

EC flag nr162 crossed medelpad!

This morning we crossed Medelpad and went into the county of Jamtland! We have had hot sun +30C, very heavy rain and thunders, missing marks and crossoverfallen trees during the trail. We have some blisters as usual and I have a twisted ankle but we are in good mood and the explorer club flag expedition […]