Tragedy on Mount Everest!

unnamed 2Easter weekend started with a disaster on Mount Everest when an avalanche came on the south side and poured down over the ice-fall where lots of Sherpas where passing carrying equipment to the different camps. The weekend has been a long wait to hear what had happened to friends and acquaintances who are on the southside for climbing this spring and unfortunately I can now say that I have met three of the victims and I think of their families.

The press has been reporting during the day that the Sherpas were fixing the route with rope as released by the Ministry of Tourism Nepal, the reality is that the route had already been fixed and Sherpas were just starting to haul the mountainous loads of equipment, tents, stoves, oxygen, fuel and so on up to stock camps. This was why they were moving so slowly.

The Home Ministry as well as the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) have confirmed the death of 12 mountaineers so far. But when I´m writing this blog I got a mess that they found one of the missing but I don´t know whom and that they have stopped the searching.

Everest ice fall avalanche: names of victims
Mingma Nuru Sherpa of Namche-4
Dorji Sherpa of Namche-4
Ang Tshiri Sherpa of Namche-07
Nima Sherpa of Namche-09
Phurba Ongyal Sherpa of Khumjung-07
Lakpa Tenjing Sherpa of Khumjung-02
Chhring Ongchu Sherpa of Khumjung-02
Dorjee Khatri of Lelep-09
Then Dorjee Sherpa of Khumjung-07
Phur Tempa Sherpa of Yaphu-09
Pasag Karma Sherpa of Juvin-05,
Asman Tamang of Sotang-09

Still missing according to the Ministry:
Tenzing Chottar Sherpa of Namche-09
Ankaji Sherpa of Makalu-09
Pem Tenji Sherpa of Choksam-02
Ash Bahadur Gurung of Laprak-07

The climbers belong to Shangrila Nepal, Himalayan Guides Nepal Treks and Expedition, Seven Summit Treks, Summit Nepal Trekking and Himalayan Ecstasy Treks.

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