My work today…

Today my son came and asked me about the book and took this photo of me working on it. Its have been a very good day for writing on the book and I keep the schedule to be ready with the facts before travellling. After the pilgrimage I will complete the book with the photos of all the holy places on the path and my personaldiary on the walk, using a narrativ method. Today I had a good lunch with a lovely friend talking about everything between criminal justice prevention to pilgrimage, I like such meetings, thank you for making my day! I also visit a adventureshop and we had a good dialog about googles for the higher mountains, for the sun and sand in deserts, I liked the new Julbo googels too, but still prefer the Adidas terrex pro, I have some weeks left before I need to descide, but its only 4 weeks left on monday.

One thing during pilgrimage is the possibilities to see a lot of things that you maybe don´t have time to as a normal turist. Sometimes this possibility will be a good photo of something different. On the pilgrimage via Francigena to Rome 2009, we went to the big Cathedral S.Sepolcro E Torre Juliade Jacopo in Aquapendente. Downstairs they have a small chapel of light, and on one of the walls, looking in a special direction it was possible to see a painting look like Jesus. I took a photo of the painting, and today, I got this photo back from a special shop as a big painting 76x107cm. Ive already put it on the wall in my livingroom and it loooks fantastic on the chocolatebrown fundwall and all the other walls are white.
Today I was thinking of my life and the following words came to my mind: A Pilgrim prays with his feets… do you have the courage to walk the common path?

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