The trail to Jerusalem!

This year in april 2010 I will walk the pilgrimtrail to Jerusalem!
I will blog during the walk when possible so family, friends and sponsors/cooperators can follow me along the way!

The map shows the trail I will follow and this is the detailschedule:
8/4 Leaving Östersund to Stockholm and then to Tel-Aviv
9/4 Start at Di San Battista in Akko to L´blin (22km)
10/4 L´blin to Nazaret (25km)
11/4 Nazaret to Mount Tabor (16km)
12/4 Mount Tabor to Lavi (16km)
13/4 Lavi to Santuario Beatitudini (22km)
14/4 Santuario Beatitudini to Shaár Hagolan (30km)
15/4 Shaár Hagolan to Beit Sheán (25km)
16/4 Beit Sheán to Brosh Habiqáh (22km)
17/4 Brosh Habiqáh to Habikáh (28km)
18/4 Habikáh to Jericho (16km)
19/4 Jericho to Jerusalem (30km)
20/4 Jerusalem to Betlehem (20km ToR)
21/4 Jerusalem to Monastero di S.Giovanni (12km)
22/4 Monastero di S.Giovanni to Monastero di Latrun (30km)
23/4 Monastero di Latrun to Ramla (15km)
24/4 Ramla to Old Jaffa, The church of Petrus in Tel-Aviv (28km)
25/4 Tel-Aviv to Stockholm and Östersund
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